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The Women in Diplomacy Program is a Career Mentorship Network for Women in International Affairs and Diplomacy space. The initiative seeks to champion gender inclusion in International Relations and Diplomacy by inspiring and supporting young female students seeking to pursue a career in the field as well as young women professionals already working in the field. To do this, mentorship by prominent female role models and women who occupy key positions in various diplomatic institutions will be key to encouraging more young women to venture into the space. Research has shown that when a girl can identify with a woman in a senior capacity, it can be transformative and compelling for the younger woman. We therefore hope that by shining a light on women in important and powerful positions in the international relations and diplomacy space, female students or young women at the onset of their careers can be inspirited but also learn how to navigate career challenges.

Through virtual as well as in-person events such as invited talks, briefings, workshops, as well as panel and roundtable discussions, the Women in Diplomacy program brings together prominent female role models and women occupying key roles in various International Relations and Diplomacy institutions, from female foreign policymakers such as Ministers and Principal Secretaries to Ambassadors, Counsellors, Parliamentarians and other foreign policy experts to advice young women at the beginning of their careers or undertaking university studies.

Their wide-ranging perspectives and insights will help young women professionals to charting their future career course. It will also work to enhance the knowledge of young women studying or interested in International Relations and Diplomacy by providing a selected few with internship opportunities, fellowships as well as skills training. In addition to this, it will regularly highlight available job opportunities in various Ministries, Departments and Agencies for young women interested in working in international affairs and diplomacy field.


The International Relations Society of Kenya (IRSK) is a professional body for the international affairs and diplomacy field in Kenya. 


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