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The IRSK Speaker Series is an initiative by the International Relations Society of Kenya (IRSK) that features thought provoking discussions with distinguished speakers and experts drawn from the international affairs, diplomatic community, academia and civil society on pressing global challenges that left unattended, could become much bigger threats than we appreciate today. The Speaker Series aims to raising the awareness of various state and non-state actors in Kenya and beyond regarding these complex global challenges, with a focus on how the international community working in concert with other actors can contribute to resolve such challenges. It also offers an intellectual anchor for the work of the Society and serves as a mechanism to channel current thinking and research into policy making.

The speaker series is open to the IRSK members and the wider community who are interested in and concerned with today’s most urgent global challenges such as climate change, peace, security, human rights, trade and international development. Each of the talks/lectures addresses a specific theme assessed to significantly impact present and future generations. The themes include Regional Integration, Peace and Security, Conflict Resolution, Terrorism, Disarmament and non-proliferation, Drugs and Crime, HIV/AIDS, Poverty Reduction, Global Economy, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Environment, Humanitarian and Disaster Relief, Gender Equality, Human Rights, Cultural Diversity, Immigration and Intellectual Property, among others.

Selected leaders and experts are invited to share their perspectives and viewpoints on a range of foreign policy issues, and to exchange ideas on concrete ways to make the world a better place to live for all. Speakers are selected based on their specialized knowledge of these issues and their ability to engage audiences with thought-provoking discussions. It is therefore a suitable forum for the audience to hear the latest international developments, discuss implications, raise questions, engage in discussions and make professional connections. By so doing, it offers new and creative ways of tapping into the global, interdisciplinary communities of experts to generate independent, high-quality recommendations for policymakers.

IRSK jointly organizes the Speaker Series in partnership with like-minded diplomatic bodies, international development agencies, as well as with media, academic institutions, private sector foundations among others. It emerges from the common interest in finding innovative solutions to the global challenges of trade, climate change, governance, inequality and conflict, as well as to the mass migrations that too often result. It highlights the importance of diplomacy in supporting state and non-state governance actors to better work together to develop and apply inclusive policies for achieving a more peaceful and prosperous world.


The International Relations Society of Kenya (IRSK) is a professional body for the international affairs and diplomacy field in Kenya. 


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