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A vibrant professional body that is a trusted interlocutor on international relations and diplomacy issues in Kenya and beyond.


To serve as policy-neutral platform through which a community of international relations and diplomacy practitioners, experts and scholars will be actively involved in continuous learning, engagement and knowledge sharing..


Tackling global issues through diplomacy



Neutrality: Policy neutral, non-partisan approach


Inclusiveness: Foster and promote broad and diverse membership.


Professionalism: Promote professional excellence and competence


Integrity: Uphold high standards of personal integrity

The International Relations Society of Kenya (IRSK) is a professional body for the international affairs and diplomacy field in Kenya. The Society serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas, networking and programmatic initiatives among those involved in the study, teaching and practice of international relations and diplomacy.
In fulfilling our primary role as the hub for the international relations and diplomacy professionals, we work to promote interest in the field, to develop expertise and understanding of global issues, to connect the IRSK community, as well as to support our membership in fulfilling their ambitions.
To this end, the Society is committed to nurturing new generations of global-minded leaders and supporting initiatives geared towards making the world a more peaceful, safe and prosperous place.

  • The IRSK was created in order to bring together a range of state and non-state actors involved or with an interest in fostering the study and practice of international relations and diplomacy including, among others, diplomats, scholars, educators, political leaders, consultants, public sector decision-makers, business leaders, and students.
  • The society works to connect, educate and promote the international relations and diplomatic field in Kenya by improving links and information exchange between members, representing members in important consultations and bringing their work to a wide audience of prospective peers, learners, partners as well as relevant stakeholders.
  • This involves fostering policy dialogues between various parties, conducting relevant and robust research and engaging in discourse and cooperation with various actors at national, regional and international arenas.

The founding goals were to:

  • Generate and disseminate cutting-edge work in international relations theory and practice;
  • Strengthen ties among those who study, teach, and practice international relations;
  • Serve as an arena, within which those with a professional interest in international relations and diplomacy can share research, information, resources and, above all, ideas;
  • Encourage interdisciplinary discourse, exchange and cooperation that leads to cross fertilization of different sectors, disciplines, cultures, nations, institutions, and professional roles; and,
  • Invest in the skills and professional development of our members by offering various funding, learning, and mentoring opportunities.
  • Provide our members with the necessary tools, access and personal networks that are needed to make it in the foreign policy field.
  • Support government, private sector and other actors in furthering their international activities and diplomatic initiatives via policy analysis and advise.

Consequently, the society’s main activities throughout the year include:

  • Coordinating and funding a wide range of membership events, activities and programs.
  • Organizing an annual conference and training workshops.
  • Publishing a professional magazine and scholarly journal for the international relations and diplomacy field in Kenya
  • Compiling and distributing a periodical newsletter to the IRSK membership
  • Maintaining an informative website, which includes an open-access directory of members
  • Representing the international relations and diplomatic community at various national, regional and international academic and professional fora
  • Organizing meetings and events for the membership to discuss issues facing the field.
  • Providing public information and general education about the field and practice of IR & diplomacy
  • Provide commentary and analysis of foreign policy and international affairs to various publics and stakeholders.


The International Relations Society of Kenya (IRSK) is a professional body for the international affairs and diplomacy field in Kenya. 


Riara Center Offices, Suite D5,
Riara road, Lavington,
Nairobi, Kenya


+254 724 731 740

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